United Kingdom, Cambridge

University of Cambridge History Summer Programme

when 17 July 2016 - 30 July 2016
duration 2 weeks

The History Programme gives you the chance to study in detail specific historical figures, periods or events. Eminent historians offer courses that cover a wide range of problems and themes in British, European and global history.

The academic programme
• Four special subject courses (two for each week)
• Plenary lecture series
• Evening talks

Special subject courses
Much of the teaching is given in special subject classes, led by members of the University’s Faculty of History and visiting academics. Each class meets five times a week.

The format of the programme allows a wide choice of subject area: you may wish to attend courses which most obviously complement one another or you may opt to make a selection which covers the broadest historical period possible.

Plenary lectures
Collectively, lecturers will examine how various individuals in history come to be regarded as heroes or villains, or in a number of cases as both. What makes a hero or villain, how historical reputations are won or lost, and how these issues have changed during the course of history, will be explored through a series of diverse case-studies.

Evening lectures
Invited speakers will present a varied evening lecture programme, covering a wide range of subjects.

Course leader

Dr David Smith

Target group

We welcome applications from all adult learners including university students, professionals and those with other experience who have an interest in the subject, regardless of educational background.

Course aim


Credits info

The University of Cambridge does not use a credit system for the awarding of its internal degrees, and cannot award credit directly for its International Summer Programmes. Students wishing to obtain credit as a result of our evaluation should consult their own institution in advance about the acceptability of the Summer Programmes evaluation for credit purposes.

Fee info

GBP 0: See website: http://www.ice.cam.ac.uk/intsummer