United Kingdom, London


when 27 June 2016 - 15 July 2016
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee GBP 1590

This module will explore the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the behaviour and skills required to 'think out of the box' to identify and pursue opportunities.We’ll establish what the behaviours and skills are of an entrepreneur, define creativity and innovation, as well as ask why they are so important to entrepreneurs. We will explore idea generation and evaluation techniques and learn how to recognise enterprise opportunities.
With case studies of entrepreneurs, self-assessment models, peer assessment exercises and group and individual project work focusing on entrepreneurial skills and behaviours, the module will introduce relevant entrepreneurial management concepts and theories, as well as give participants an opportunity to realise their own entrepreneurial potential.

Course leader

Michael Bedward

Target group

Students who enjoy or wish to learn how to think out of the box, to identify and pursue new opportunities, and who want to understand and develop their own entrepreneurial potential will benefit from this module.

Course aim

By the end of this module you will be able to:
- Describe and distinguish between the different factors that influence entrepreneurial behaviour as well as the process and range of activities required to be a successful entrepreneur;
- Identify your own entrepreneurial potential and skills that need development and apply the principles of personal development planning to address current and potential skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur;
- Apply a range of tool that employ research, planning and organisation skills to further develop an entrepreneurial idea;
- Apply a range of entrepreneurial management principles, practices and skills to the analysis of potential opportunities;
- Understand the entrepreneurial mind set and skills required to plan and manage an enterprise opportunity.

Credits info

Many of our students get credit for the summer modules taken at King’s. You should approach your home university before applying as it is up to them to apply the credit to your degree programme. We would recommend a three week module would be equivalent to 3-4 US credits or 7.5 ECTS.

Fee info

GBP 1590: Tuition fee only