United Kingdom, London

Museum of London: Curating the City

when 27 June 2016 - 15 July 2016
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee GBP 1590

Gain unprecedented access to the fascinating 20th century collections at the Museum of London, including social and oral history, art, photography and fashion.
Together, we will examine the impact of historical, cultural and artistic changes on 20th century London, and the city as a site of conflict and debate in the context of modern curatorial practice.
Guided by curators and the academic tutor, you will have the opportunity to explore life in the capital through the items housed at this nationally-acclaimed museum. While on this module you will have the rare chance to go behind-the-scenes at one of Britain’s largest and most successful museums, getting the opportunity to view materials not available to the general public. You’ll be able to discuss museum objects with the experts who look after them and explore how they might be displayed.
Crucially, you’ll also consider how to present issues and ideas to diverse audiences, discuss what makes a successful museum display, explore how museums should handle controversial subjects and consider the ethical and financial issues facing the heritage industry today.
Over the module of three weeks you will gain experience of interpreting a range of different media: costume, photography, painting, design, literature, film, memorials and maps.
Using methodologies from disciplines of History, Art History, English Literature and Museum Studies, you will analyse objects and conduct research across a broad range of themes, for instance: modernism; women's suffrage; the Blitz; globalisation; experiences of travel and the built environment; youth culture, punk and protest; leisure, luxury and consumerism.
This module will immerse you in London by including field trips to points of interest including the cosmopolitan East End, the Museum of London, and diverse and vibrant Brixton. By envisioning London as a 'living' subject of study, learning will take place both in and out of the classroom. In seminars and lectures you will be given the theoretical tools to interpret texts and objects and to critique and innovate exhibition ideas.

Course leader

In collaboration with the Museum of London

Target group

This module is for students from a broad range of academic disciplines: Cultural History, Literature, Art, Geography and Museum Studies. It should enthuse anyone interested in the persons, places, events and objects that have shaped London over the past century.

Course aim

By the end of this module you will:
- Understand how museums operate in a competitive, global business environment;
- Develop an awareness of the connection between material culture and historical narrative, especially as it relates to the history of London in the 20th century;
- Gain an informed and imaginative understanding of curatorial practice;
- Understand the role of museums in communicating the history of London to a diverse public.

Credits info

Many of our students get credit for the summer modules taken at King’s. You should approach your home university before applying as it is up to them to apply the credit to your degree programme. We would recommend a three week module would be equivalent to 3-4 US credits or 7.5 ECTS.

Fee info

GBP 1590: Tuition fee only