Spain, Barcelona

Fashion Trends Investigation from Coolhunting to Forecasting

when 6 July 2015 - 30 July 2015
duration 4 weeks
fee EUR 2800

The summer course in Trends Investigation from Coolhunting to Fashion Forecasting leads students through the fascinating field of trends investigation. Instructors with a variety of backgrounds and specializations introduce students to their captivating line of work and the tools needed to investigate, analyze and predict the trends of the future. Focusing on fashion trends, students explore Barcelona and Berlin practicing the tools of street investigation in these cultural hubs. Trend theory is related via lectures and dynamic workshops and investigation tools are practiced both on and offline, enabling students to gain a broad knowledge of how trends work and how designers and brands use trends to innovate.

Course leader

IED Barcelona

Target group

This module is directed towards people who want to confort and investigate the field new trends. The course is also oriented to those, who for professional reasons, need to focus and specialize in order to confront a rapidly competitive and changing market sector.

High-level English language skills are necessary and basic Spanish is helpful.

Course aim

Companies that hire cool-hunting and market research agencies are searching for professionals who can help them to stay on the cutting-edge of their market and ahead of their competitors. These figures provide their client with current trends and even predict future ones, thanks to a sharp eye, neutrality, excessive curiosity. The course attempts to give participants the necessary knowledge and tools needed to work as freelance or in-house cool-hunters capable of investigating, analyzing, interpreting and presenting trends to clients. Students will learn the terms and theory related to the subject but most importantly they will practice its methods on the streets of Barcelona, currently one of the world’s “coolest” citiies.

Fee info

EUR 2800: Enrollment + Tuition