Netherlands, The Hague

Change & Innovation

when 18 July 2016 - 29 July 2016
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 ECTS
fee EUR 899

Do you want to make a meaningful difference in your world? Work on ‘Wicked Problems’ in a Group of Young people from all over the World? Join The Hague Summer School in The Hague and learn how. The Hague Summer School is a cutting edge 2- or 4-week modular course running from July 2016 and looks at solving global issues through connecting the public and private sectors. Last summer we focussed on ‘Peace’ and coming summer the umbrella theme will be ‘Water’. Join us and explore society's future in the United Nations City of Peace, Justice and Security with its 131 international institutions, 80 justice organisations, 300 international businesses and numerous NGOs - the perfect place to see various sectors at work.

The world is getting more and more connected, not only consumers but also organisations are increasingly interlinked. The public and private sector, once clearly separated, are moving closer to each other and will continue to do so.

More and more new initiatives will stem from the interfaces between those sectors. The next generation of leaders will be inspired by and will seek the connectivity between the public & private worlds in order to be a catalyst for change. How can visionary leadership, public private partnerships, social media, technological advances and reform of old institutions deal with all the challenges surrounding Water?

Real life examples will be provided, brought by speakers from THUAS, Dutch and International Organizations located in and around The Hague, and by representatives from public organizations. During this module students will be given a specific wicked problem that they will have to tackle in an multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary team using design thinking skills. Every morning, from Monday to Thursday there will be inspiring lectures and students will work in groups on their challenges, have in depth discussions, a debate and focus on developing new innovations. The last Friday there will be a closing event in which students will present their work to each other and related stakeholders. During this module you will visit The Peace Palace and two cultural institutions.

As all Summer School students work together in the general modules this will broaden your view and allow you to work in in a multi-disciplinary setting.

In the afternoons you will follow an elective:
Flood protection: The Dutch Blueprint
Human Rights, Security and Development
(one other elective will be added)

Target group

The program is open to anyone who has completed their high school diploma (or equivalent) and has completed at least their first year bachelor degree level education. Applicants whose native tongue is not English, should have a good knowledge of the English language (Level B2 or higher). The Hague Summer School reserves the right to determine if applicants English language level is appropriate.

Course aim

The objectives of the course are:
Develop the ability to take actions and the confidence to take risks to create opportunities for new/existing products, ideas or services.
Evaluate processes and the relevant information to define the problems and issues that need adaptation and change. Prepare alternative solutions and independent processes.
Recognise trends and the influence that you could have on the visions and strategies of organisations.
Learn the basics about system thinking and apply it to a real-life situation.
Find out how cooperation can lead to innovation, connectivity and change.
Develop and build upon relations with students from various educational backgrounds and nationalities.
Applying the tools to a real life case at a company or organisation.

Credits info

The Hague Summer School are assigned ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). The amount of credits for each course depends on whether you choose the two or four week program. The two week program is worth 4 ECTS. It consists of a general module worth 1 ECTS and an elective module worth 3 ECTS. The four week program is worth 8 ECTS. It contains two general modules worth 2 ECTS and two elective modules worth 6 ECTS. Detailed program descriptions and outlines will be provided to the students to facilitate the credit transfer.

Fee info

EUR 899: The two week program of The Hague Summer School has a tuition fee of 899 Euro. However the 2 week course costs € 1.499,- for the full package, this includes the tuition fee, individual housing in the Student Hotel next to the University, and in-program as well as social activities & lunch. You will visit several organizations and companies in the region of The Hague. It is mandatory to use the full package. Discounts apply to students from partner Universities.
EUR 1798: Four week program of The Hague Summer has a tuition feel of 1798 Euro. However the 4 week course costs € 2.998,- for the full package, this includes tuition fee , individual housing in the Student Hotel next to the University, and in-programme as well as social activities & lunch. You will visit several organizations and companies in the region of The Hague. It is mandatory to use the full package. Discounts apply to students from partner universities.


Students from partner universities can use a discounted rated.