Denmark, Horsens

Web Design and Multimedia Technologies

when 7 July 2014 - 25 July 2014
duration 3 weeks
credits 5 ECTS
fee EUR 100

This is the course where you can learn about creating a professional website from scratch. Combined with the other
course – Web Engineering, within 6 weeks you will be able to create a very impressive website, containing different
multi-media, database and user accounts. No experience is required to join this course. However, if you already have
some experience, joining this course will be the best way for you to improve your web designing skills!

Course leader

Rafael Robert Szymanski

Target group

- university students of all educations
- graduates from institution of higher education (universities)
- high school pupils (18+)

Course aim

Students will learn how to start up and create a website from the beginning with wide under-standing of its structure,
purpose and the process of combining different visual elements together. The course will also enable the students to
improve an already existing website through usage of multimedia technologies, like transferring picture, graphics and

Credits info

Student can choose either to be graded according to the Danish grading standards or to receive the approved/failed
To approve the course student needs to comply the following:
- all necessary assignments must be approved by the teacher
- the Course Project needs to be handed in before the deadline and presented in front of the class, a short written
description of the project needs to be prepared as well
- full attendance during the course
Everyday attendance is compulsory. In case of illness documentation from a doctor is required, and only one day off
could be accepted.
To receive a specific grade, besides mentioned above, student has to attend an official oral examination, where
questions about theoretical aspects of the Course Project will be asked.

Fee info

EUR 100: Depending on Participation Type