United Kingdom, Edinburgh

New Directions in Second Language Teaching

when 12 June 2017 - 30 June 2017
duration 3 weeks
credits 5 ECTS
fee GBP 1725

This course will explore language on both micro and macro scales. On a global level, second language acquisition, language learning and language pedagogy will be studied. Students will also take a closer look at language itself. The course presents the theory which involves language teaching practice and encourages participants to engage with this evidence on a critical and practical level.
This course will introduce the theory behind second language learning and teaching and its practical implications for a range of diverse contexts. In particular, the practical application of practitioners’ knowledge and skills will be considered in relation to their own background, interest and future direction.
There will be a strong emphasis on research and problem-based pedagogy, considering the importance of the participants’ own experiences.
The course will give students the opportunity to research aspects of the field, e.g. through the use of corpora or collecting data in a natural setting. There may also be opportunities to observe practitioners and experiment with pedagogies in practical microteaching tasks.
Students will work, with guidance, on small research projects and present their research outcomes at the end of each week. The feedback from these presentations will feed forward to the summative poster presentation at the end of week 3.
The course will be staffed by regular TESOL staff (for lectures) and TESOL PhD students and ATs (for workshop and assessment).

Course leader

Dr Claudia Rosenhan

Target group

2 years of undergraduate study

Course aim

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to begin working effectively with knowledge that covers and integrates current developments in Second Language Teaching both from both local and global perspectives.
Students will develop an understanding of the techniques of enquiry or research methodologies employed in the sector. This knowledge will ensure that each student becomes familiar with ways in which the field of Second Language Teaching grows and alters.
Students will be able to begin evaluating and designing language teaching materials. This task will enable students to develop a practical understanding of the contexts of language teaching and will allow them to begin synthesising a variety of primary and secondary sources - written, visual and material - to create a convincing analysis of data, execute a research activity and present the outcomes.

Credits info

10 credits or 5 ECTS or 2 US.

Fee info

GBP 1725: Accommodation is not included in the course fees.
EUR 0: Various accommodation packages available. Prices range from £114-489 per week. Please check the University of Edinburgh Summer School website for further details.
Information can be found under 'Fees'.


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