United Kingdom, Edinburgh

Investment, Securities and Psychology of Finance

when 5 June 2017 - 30 June 2017
duration 4 weeks
credits 10 ECTS
fee GBP 2300

This course is designed to provide an overview of an exciting new and fast growing area in finance, which is based around the concept that investment decision–making and investor behaviour are not necessarily driven by “rational” considerations but instead by aspects of personal and market psychology.
The psychology of finance recognises that our abilities to make complex financial decisions are limited due to the biases and errors of judgment to which all of us are prone. Accordingly, the course introduces cognitive biases, discusses the impact of such biases on the financial decision-making process, and explores the behaviour of individual investors, fund managers and corporate managers.

Course leader

Arman Eshraghi

Target group

2 years of undergraduate study

Course aim

Students on this course will develop an understanding of the differences between a behavioural finance perspective and a traditional finance perspective. Students will concurrently learn to understand the cognitive biases and errors of judgment which affect financial and investment decisions made by both individuals and corporate executives.
Upon completing this course, students will have developed the knowledge enabling them to:
• recognise their own decision errors and understand the reasons for these, so they can avoid future decision errors;
• understand how, by appreciating the cognitive biases to which they are prone, they can become a better investor or financial manager;
• develop good understanding of the implication of behavioural finance for corporate governance.
Furthermore, each student will be up to date with important developments in this this new area of finance, and will benefit from the associated practical insights which this knowledge provides.

Credits info

20 credits/10 ECTS/4 US

Fee info

GBP 2300: Accommodation fees are not included in the tuition fees
EUR 0: Various accommodation packages available. Prices range from £114-489 per week. Please check the University of Edinburgh Summer School website for further details.
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