United Kingdom, Edinburgh

The Power of Myth: The Hero's Journey in the Transformation of Self & the World

when 5 June 2017 - 30 June 2017
duration 4 weeks
credits 10 ECTS
fee GBP 2300

The purpose of this course is to explore the power of myth in the hero's journey, the patterns and themes it encompasses and how these themes are embedded in the human experience of transformation.
Students will be encouraged to understand the cyclical adventure set out in the hero’s journey, and what this means both spiritually and psychologically. Students will explore key mythical themes and patterns and will be asked to consider how these may be applied to their own narrative and surroundings.
In general the course will discuss how old stories evolve based on new insights and understandings which emerge daily through ourselves and our world.
Through theoretical input via lectures and reading, practical experiences, written reflection and analysis, dialogue, audio and visual media and creative expression, students will be assessed on their active participation in these activities. These tasks will be designed to help them develop self-awareness, social awareness, written and verbal communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and confidence in their ability to create a positive future for themselves, their communities, and the world.

Course leader

Mary Catherine Burgess

Target group

2 years of undergraduate study

Course aim

This course will encourage each student to demonstrate a basic understanding of myth, the hero’s journey, and their relationship to personal and social transformation.
Students will learn to respond thoughtfully and respectfully to challenges and opportunities that arise when addressing individual calls to personal and social transformation. It will be expected that each student will have the ability to impart this knowledge both verbally and in writing.
All students will learn how to participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions and activities with others in a way that builds on others’ ideas, while expressing their own perspective clearly and persuasively. Equally, each student will be encouraged to develop personally - by identify and managing their own emotions and behaviours, especially in the face of transformational challenges that emerge during the course.
During the course, students will learn how to analyse and critique the elements of myth and components in the hero’s journey cycle as they relate to literature and related material presented during the course and as they apply to and life and society. Finally, students will be expected to evaluate the effectiveness of materials and processes used to explore myth and the hero’s journey during this course.

Credits info

20 credits or 10 ECTS or 4 US.

Fee info

GBP 2300: Accommodation fees are not included in course fees.
EUR 0: Various accommodation packages available. Prices range from £114-489 per week. Please check the University of Edinburgh Summer School website for further details.
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