United Kingdom, Edinburgh

The Scottish Enlightenment in Context

when 5 June 2017 - 30 June 2017
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 10 ECTS
fee GBP 2300

This course aims to introduce students to the central themes, issues and theories of the Scottish Enlightenment. Teaching will centre around the philosophy, ethics, social and political thought, historiography, medicine and science, aesthetics, literature and culture, and religious thinking of the Scottish Enlightenment period. Students will examine current approaches to the Scottish Enlightenment, and areas of contemporary debate among scholars. The influence of the Scottish Enlightenment on the education and politics of America will also be considered, as will the enduring relevance of the Enlightenment period as a whole.
There will be the opportunity for students to visit museums and galleries - as well as locations in Edinburgh and elsewhere - which relate to the period of the Scottish Enlightenment. A philosophical walking tour of the city will also be arranged.
Students will complete a 1500-word source analysis, and a 2500-word essay. There will be a choice of disciplines for each assessment component.

Course leader

John Gordon

Target group

2 years of undergraduate study

Course aim

Students on this course will increase and develop knowledge and understanding of the key themes, issues, and ideas associated with the Scottish Enlightenment and – upon completing the course - each have a heightened awareness of the cultural and intellectual legacy of the Scottish Enlightenment.
Students will also gain knowledge of the most recent critical thinking on the Scottish Enlightenment, and areas of continuing debate, as well as enhanced critical, discursive and analytical skills gained through tutorial participation and completion of written assessments. In addition, students will be provided with awareness of the intellectual, cultural and historical significance of Edinburgh and Scotland.

Credits info

20 credits/10 ECTS/4 US

Fee info

GBP 2300: Accommodation fees are not included in course fees.
EUR 0: Various accommodation packages available. Prices range from £114-489 per week. Please check the University of Edinburgh Summer School website for further details.
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