Finland, Helsinki

Museums and Memorial Sites: Displaying and remembering minorities

when 4 August 2015 - 20 August 2015
duration 3 weeks
credits 6 ECTS
fee EUR 640

The objective of this multidisciplinary course is to teach how different minorities have been taken into consideration in museums and memorials and to advance the students’ understanding and sensitivity in minority issues in this respect. Minority as a term can be based on ethnicity, race, gender, health or sexual orientation. The course will address how a negative past and loss, such as the Holocaust or everyday discrimination, have been and can be displayed and commemorated, making the agency of display the core concept in the history of museum exhibitions and memorials. The course will also deal with the accessibility of memorials and exhibitions of people with disabilities, e.g. people with a visual impairment. This Summer School course provides an opportunity for advanced students and junior researchers to explore complex issues with prominent experts in the field.

Course leader

Dr. Malte Gasche

Target group

Advanced students and junior researchers in history, ethnology, anthropology, gender studies and museums studies as well as current museums staff are invited to participate. Participants from a minority background are especially encouraged to attend.

Course aim

After taking the course, the students will be critically aware of historical aspects in museum display policies and questions of heritage. Participants will be familiar with the key concepts, theories and practical approaches in the field as well as with the professional dilemmas and needs of policy makers.

Credits info

It is possible to complete 6-10 ECTS credits.

Fee info

EUR 640: This course fee applies to degree and PhD students who pay the fee before June 1, 2015.

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