Austria, Vienna

Automotive Design

when 9 January 2017 - 20 January 2017
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 ECTS
fee EUR 800

This course will be exploring themes in automotive design with a slightly different approach, challenging students to adopt a different way of thinking. The sessions will walk students through the thought process behind the the conceptualization of an idea, to the sketch and production of a new mass-produced model. Topics in discussion will also include the history of automotive brands and their stylistic features. Students can look at a range of literature on car designs from commercial to luxury brands that have made their mark in the car design industry.

Throughout the automotive design process, the most important aspect to understand is the fundamental relationship of style to function and function to style. Step by step, students will be taken through the process of conceptualizing a car, pitching marketing proposals, as well as modeling cars in clay. Design potential and challenges that may occur during projects will be debated and solutions will be offered. Learning how to draw a plan manually is very an important skill despite the availability of 3D programs used today. Maintaining a holistic view of the project is key and drawing remains a vital exercise for designers.

This course is open to anybody who is passionate about car designs: designers, engineers, and even students who do not have previous experience with design. Whether you are coming with drawing skills or are starting from scratch, everyone can learn the basics to start making their own concept sketches!

Course leader

Boris Fabris holds a diploma in Car model design (II level) - C.E.M.I - Centro Europeo Modellisti Industriali Garessio (CN) and a Diploma in Art Studies applied to Marketing from Istituto Statale d’Arte Roma. His professional experience includes work as a

Target group

Students from industrial design, product design, automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, applied sciences and drawing - but also people passionate about car design, with some drawing skills, are welcome.

Course aim

The aim of this program is to give deeper insights into the history of car design, explain the importance of the design process of the style and the functionality as well as introduce the basic types of the sketches and renderings. This course is offered in July and August 2016 as well.

Credits info

Participants will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the summer school and all necessary documentation to validate the course at their home university.

Fee info

EUR 800: This is the reduced tuition fee for students.


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