Netherlands, Maastricht

Country Risk Analysis (Political Instability): Domestic Politics, Foreign Policy Strategy and Geopolitical Scenario Planning

when 11 July 2016 - 15 July 2016
duration 1 week
credits 1.5 ECTS
fee EUR 475

The developments in Egypt over the past five years, the long civil war in Colombia and the current conflict in the Ukraine underline the continued importance of political risk analysis for banks and companies that do business in Emerging Markets. The "Country Risk Analysis (Political Instability)" Summer School helps you better understand what political risk is and how it can affect the economic growth potential of Emerging Markets. The opening lectures teach you different ways to conceptualize political risk and which domestic and international factors are important in this regard. Further lectures offer you insights into how the foreign policy strategy of a country can be linked to geopolitical scenarios, and how you can benefit from this approach. You also participate in a geopolitical scenario planning workshop, in which you can apply your newly acquired skills. The results of the workshop can be used for the report that you write with your group and that analyses a country of your choice. During the course, you give two talks about the political situation in that country. Finally, you may also be interested in our other country risk analysis course.

Course leader

Leonhardt van Efferink MA/MSc/PhD candidate

Target group

Bachelor/Master/PhD students/Professionals who would like to become (a better) political risk analyst
Bachelor/Master/PhD students/Professionals who would like to develop multiple perspectives on future global trends as alternatives to forecasts
Professionals who need a better understanding of how global trends can affect the operational environment in particular countries

Course aim

Understanding the possible impact of political instability on the economic growth potential of Emerging Markets
Assessing political risk indicators in the context of a country
Linking geopolitical scenario outcomes to the foreign policy strategy of countries

Fee info

EUR 475: Course plus course materials.


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