Netherlands, Maastricht

Geopolitical Concepts: Rethinking Nation-States, National Identity, International Boundaries, Global Power and Security

when 18 July 2016 - 22 July 2016
duration 1 week
credits 1.5 ECTS
fee EUR 475

The relationship between the European Union and Ukraine, the rise of ISIS and the long border conflict between India and Pakistan underline the continued importance of geopolitical concepts such as national identity, power and security. The "Geopolitical Concepts" Summer School helps you better understand why the key concepts in geopolitical analysis mean different things to different people. The lectures teach you different ways to think about key geopolitical concepts. Can we measure power? Is it possible to objectively assess security? And how stable and uncontested is our national identity? Next to giving two talks, you write a paper about a key geopolitical concept in which you analyse how scholars, politicians or media use it in a particular context. Finally, you may also be interested in our other geopolitics course "Geopolitical Theories and Methods"

Course leader

Leonhardt van Efferink MA/MSc/PhD candidate (Geomeans)

Target group

Bachelor/Master students who would like to write essays or thesis about geopolitical themes
PhD students who need to use geopolitical and concepts in their research
Professionals who would need to look at geopolitical trends from different angles

Course aim

Developing various perspectives on statehood and its main components national identity, sovereignty and territory
Applying the geopolitical concepts global power and national security in research, strategy formulation and policy-making
Recognising patterns in how media, politicians and companies represent the world and particular countries

Fee info

EUR 475: Course plus course materials.


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