Netherlands, Maastricht

Entrepreneurship Summer School

when 24 August 2015 - 28 August 2015
duration 1 week
credits 1.5 ECTS
fee EUR 285

Live your passion and make a difference!

The Entrepreneurship Summer School at Maastricht University is designed to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey. In this one-week programme you will develop a product or service idea into a business concept. Our approach is hands on, and rooted in the belief that anyone has entrepreneurial talents.
In this pressure cooker programme, you will experience and learn what it takes to transform crude ideas into a first draft for an actionable business plan. The aim is to gear you up for action: entrepreneurship is not about dreaming it is about realising dreams.
This summer school combines workshops/lectures with a venture lab. This combination makes this summer school a valuable boot-camp for anyone interested to explore entrepreneurship as a possible career option.
Although any business relies on providing a solution to a market need, it is not always clear how one can find a promising opportunity. That is why the week will start with an ideation workshop helping you to generate product/service ideas that might provide a basis for viable business. You will then explore what business concepts could be deployed to commercialise your product idea. You will also learn how you can rigorously review competing products. Such competitive analysis will help you to further refine your product and/or business concept. Next you will be exploring what development and engineering needs to be done before your product can hit the market. The outcome of these efforts should be a first assessment of the resources needed to enact the proposed venture and a first indication of the value that such an enactment could create. As such this summer school not only introduces you to three of the key processes of entrepreneurship: opportunity recognition, opportunity development and resource mobilization.

Course leader

Dr. ing. Wynand Bodewes

Target group

Business and economics students.

Course aim

At the end of the week you will have learned:
How you can shape an apparent business opportunity into a product concept and into a viable business concept that fits your qualities and ambitions. 

Why entrepreneurship is based on initiative, perseverance and reflection. 

How the (likelihood of) success of a venture can be increased.

Fee info

EUR 285: For Maastricht University students. (Course plus course materials). € 385 for Maastricht University alumni.
EUR 485: For students and alumni of other universities. (Course plus course materials)


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