Netherlands, Enschede

Serious Gaming

when 14 August 2016 - 23 August 2016
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 800

Our full-package summer school (food & tent/ camping included in the price!) is a unique chance to learn more about this topic. Serious gaming is one of the new developments in the business environment that gained increasing awareness recently. ICT accelerated this development. In contrast to playing serious games, game design entails the application of knowledge from the modelled domain to a mode and manner in which this is represented to change the players’ knowledge, attitude, or behaviour with regard to the domain. The Serious Game Design course provides you with a theory-driven play centric approach to serious game design. During the course you will develop, play and validate a serious game in groups. The primary aim of the project is to apply and acquire game design knowledge and domain knowledge through learning by doing. To canalize the practical project management aspects of designing serious games in multidisciplinary teams an agile project management methodology will be applied and used with sprints of two days with peer student sprint reviews every two days.

Target group

Students in their second or third year from their bachelor's programme or entry level master's students with an interest in serious gaming.

Course aim

After you attended this course you will be able to:
apply game design methodologies
apply game mechanics
apply the SCRUM project management methodology
provide structured feedback
work in multidisciplinary teams
present projects during poster presentations

You will also:
have detailed knowledge on types of serious games and their applications
have detailed knowledge of game design process
have detailed knowledge on game mechanics
have detailed knowledge on game validation and evaluation
have knowledge of the roles, procedures and workflow of SCRUM

Fee info

EUR 800: The base fee for attending the summer school is €800. The fee includes: A stay at the inspirational campus of the University of Twente, Course participation, course materials, a tent to sleep in (included: air mattress, flashlight, pillow and sleeping bag), WiFi, food (breakfast, lunch and evening meal) and coffee/tea.


Check the International Office of your University if scholarships are available.

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