Netherlands, Enschede

Insane Grains ("Hands on Physics")

when 14 August 2016 - 23 August 2016
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2 ECTS
fee EUR 800

Our full-package summer school (food & tent/ camping included in the price!) is a unique chance to learn more about this topic. You will focus on curious and interesting physics phenomena in a hands-on and interactive manner. Example topics include Physics of music: you learn to understand how music instructions and harmonics work. You will answer questions like: why is piano string the length it is? Why does the hammer hit at a certain point? Why does a cord sound good?

Escaping quick sand: most fluids you know are Newtonian, meaning that the faster you move them the easier they flow, which sounds sensible. However, quick sand behaves differently. It appears solid if it moves faster and liquid at slow speed. You will make your own quick sand and learn to understand its properties.

Scales in physics: physics governs everything from the motion of atoms to the motion of galaxies. You will investigate the different physical phenomena on each length scale.

Course leader

Anthony Thornton (Assistant Professor): he works jointly between the Multi-scale Mechanics (MSM) and Mathematics of Computational Science (MaCS) groups.

Target group

Bachelor's students with an interest in physics.

Course aim

To learn about curious and interesting ideas in physics in a hands-on manner.

Fee info

EUR 800: The base fee for attending the summer school is €800. The fee includes: A stay at the inspirational campus of the University of Twente, Course participation, course materials, a tent to sleep in (included: air mattress, flashlight, pillow and sleeping bag), WiFi, food (breakfast, lunch and evening meal) and coffee/tea.

For those not comfortable sleeping in a tent for a week, we offer different accommodations for additional costs (check our website).


Check the International Office of your University if scholarships are available.

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