Finland, Lappeenranta

Code Camp - Software Engineering for Sustainability

when 5 July 2017 - 6 July 2017
language English
duration 1 week
credits 1 ECTS
fee EUR 895

Brainstorm and bring out your most creative ideas! Code Camp is an ultimate learning and hacking experience.
The code camp approach can be defined as a collaborative learning setting that aims to promote profession-oriented skills. In code camp, the term camp refers to a situation where students assemble and stay a while together. The term code refers to coding, i.e. writing computer programmes. During a code camp, students write programmes together, solve problems related to their work together, eat together and even might relax together in a sauna.

Course leader

Contact person of the LUT Summer School: Mrs. Veronika Kojo,

Target group

Bachelor's and Master's students with background knowledge in technology.

Course aim

The role of ICT in solving the sustainability challenges is increasing all the time. This course will tackle these important aspects and challenge the participants to create their own solutions for the given sustainability problems through software development. The course will emphasise the LUT values in solving tough sustainability problems.

Fee info

EUR 895: The LUT Summer School for students from partner universities: for 3 - 4 weeks: tuition EUR 895 + accommodation EUR 500. For 2 weeks: tuition EUR 695 + accommodation EUR 400.
EUR 995: The LUT Summer School for students from non-partner universities: For 3 - 4 weeks: tuition EUR 995 + accommodation EUR 500. For 2 weeks: tuition EUR 795 + accommodation EUR 400.