United Kingdom, London

Latent Variable Modelling and Structural Equation Modelling for Social Sciences Research

when 14 August 2017 - 18 August 2017
duration 1 week
fee GBP 975

This course aims to provide participants with an introduction to latent variables and structural equation models for both continuous and categorical data and their use in measurement and in modelling complex substantive hypothesis in the social sciences.
It provides a balance between methods and applications to enable participants to develop a good understanding of structural equation models and related methods.

Course leader

Dr Irini Moustaki

Target group

This course is suitable for postgraduate and academic staff in applied statistics, medicine, and in social and behavioural sciences as well as government employees and people working in marketing, management, public health and banking.

Course aim

This course provides participants with introductions to:
modern statistical methodology for analysing multivariate continuous and categorical data
the use of latent variables for measuring unobserved constructs such as attitudes, beliefs, health state, etc. through observed indicators.

It will also provide participants with experience in:
the use of path models to represent complex relationships among latent and unobserved variables
modelling relationships among latent constructs and observed covariates and providing the ability to measure direct and indirect (mediation) effects
modelling cross-sectional data including (as special topics) the treatment of longitudinal data and multi-group data such as cross-national data
the use of STATA and MPlus software to run real data examples. Participants will have the opportunity to run the analysis and interpret the output.

Credits info

Students who wish to receive credit for their course will need to contact either their Study Abroad Office or the office in their university that deals with external credit. It is up to students' home institutions as to how much credit is awarded but the Methods Programme Office is happy to provide any necessary information to your registry or academic advisor, to help them evaluate the courses.

Fee info

GBP 975: Student rate - for current university students (including PhD students).
Current academic staff and UK charity workers are also eligible for a reduced rate of £1,450.
GBP 1825: Standard rate