Netherlands, Eindhoven

Wellbeing - Independent Living and Long-term Care

when 6 August 2017 - 18 August 2017
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 ECTS
fee EUR 750

Slowing down the growth of healthcare costs and maintaining the quality of life is the focus of the summer school. Digital technologies are leveraged both for achieving healthier lifestyles and for long-term care of chronic conditions.

Living longer unfortunately does not always imply that people are also healthier. The result is a strong increase in occupational and individual health care costs. The main challenge is finding effective means for lowering the demand for cure and long-term care, and adding two more working years and two more years of independent living with a maintained quality of life. A secondary challenge is to identify solutions that are acceptable to the users from the usability and data privacy perspective.

Companies like Philips and the Holst Centre and startups of the Digital Wellbeing Business Community will provide the lifestyle oriented cases. Examples are early detection of cognitive disorders by speech analysis, empowering senior homes with sensor networks that can assist elderly people, predict danger and react to minimise risk, developing smart lighting platforms to provide better lighting to elderly, who need more light compared to youngsters to avoid falling.

The summer school will be held at the Co-Location Centre at the HighTech Campus in Eindhoven.

The Wellbeing theme will be introduced through lectures and workshops on life style trends, and on ways to assess, measure and promote fitness and mental wellbeing. Throughout the two weeks you will work in teams of five to six students on projects. The emphasis is on developing a value proposition and the associated marketing strategy & business plan. Next to the international team work your knowledge will be sharpened on developments in HWB, HWB business models, innovation routes and revenue models, finance, social psychology, corporate entrepreneurship, branding and marketing, and starting a business.

Target group

The admission for the Summer School is open to everyone who is interested in Health and Wellbeing, business, entrepreneurship and Innovation. You can apply by filling out the registration form, which can be found on our website.

Course aim

In two weeks you will work in international teams on lifestyle oriented cases. You will develop a value proposition, market strategy and business plan. And maybe start your own business... You will develop a plan for the lifestyle oriented cases provided by startups and partner companies of EIT Digital.

Credits info

For EIT Digital Master School students the Summer School Health and Wellbeing is rewarded with 4 ECTS. It depends on your own university if they will acknowledge these ECTS.

Fee info

EUR 750: Participation in the Summer School Health and Wellbeing will cost 250 euros, which includes all lectures, material, project work, food and social events. Costs which are not part of the programme are not covered. Costs for travel and lodging have to be borne by the students themselves.


Scholarships are available for students coming from so called ARISE countries. Please check our website