Netherlands, Eindhoven

Health and Wellbeing

when 7 August 2016 - 19 August 2016
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 ECTS
fee EUR 250

Do you want to know how your healthy future will look? Would you like to improve your skills both in ICT and entrepreneurship in the field of Health and Wellbeing? Participate in the Summer School Health and Wellbeing in Eindhoven.

Health and Wellbeing (HWB)
Global and societal trends like the ageing population and growing consumer empowerment demand an innovative and entrepreneurial ICT approach to Health and Wellbeing. Healthcare costs increase while the available budget and the number of caretakers are shrinking. EIT Digital focuses in Health and Wellbeing on ICT innovation that reduce the demand for expensive healthcare by detecting still relatively small health problems early, and avoiding larger health issues by suitable lifestyle interventions. EIT Digital has a goal to improve innovation in ICT for improving the quality of live.

Summer School
The HWB theme will be introduced through lectures and workshops on life style trends, and on ways to assess, measure and promote fitness and mental wellbeing. Throughout the two weeks you will work in teams of five to six students on projects. Companies like Philips and Holst Centre and start-ups of the Health and Wellbeing Business Community will provide the lifestyle oriented cases. The emphasis is on developing a value proposition and the associated marketing strategy & business plan. Next to the international team work your knowledge will be sharpened on developments in HWB, HWB business models, innovation routes and revenue models, finance, social psychology, corporate entrepreneurship, branding and marketing, and starting a business.

First week programme
The first week will introduce the topic of health and wellbeing and will explore the trends in the western world and developing countries that form a hazard for our health and wellbeing, and what it will take to reverse these trends. After the introduction of the cases, you will explore the markets and user profiles and explore the product and service concepts followed by an introduction and workshop on business models for health and wellbeing. Finally we explore usability aspects and social aspects that are detrimental or beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. We finish the first week with pitch training and a pitch session on the first proposals. During the weekend we will pay a visit to a Dutch city where we will participate in several cultural and outdoor activities.

Second week programme
The second week will explore the marketing and business aspects. We will pay a visit to innovation labs and incubators and we will explore different aspects of venturing and starting your own company. There will be presentations by several high-tech start-up companies and you will be able to meet and discuss your ideas with young entrepreneurs. The week will end with a final pitching session in front of a business panel.

Target group

The admission for the Summer School is open to everyone who is interested in Health and Wellbeing, business, entrepreneurship and Innovation. You can apply by filling out the registration form, which can be found on our website.

Course aim

In two weeks you will work in international teams on lifestyle oriented cases. You will develop a value proposition, market strategy and business plan. And maybe start your own business... You will develop a plan for the lifestyle oriented cases provided by startups and partner companies of EIT Digital.

Credits info

For EIT Digital Master School students the Summer School Health and Wellbeing is rewarded with 4 ECTS. It depends on your own university if they will acknowledge these ECTS. The 4 ECTS are rewarded after taking part in the Summer School and after handing over your individual assignment (report) two weeks after the Summer School.

Fee info

EUR 250: Participation in the Summer School Health and Wellbeing will cost 250 euros, which includes all lectures, material, project work, food and social events. Costs which are not part of the programme are not covered. Costs for travel and lodging have to be borne by the students themselves.


Scholarships are available for students coming from so called ARISE countries. Please check our website