Greece, Chania, Crete

Leaders For Our Future (LFOF)

when 14 July 2015 - 31 July 2015
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 2500

Guided courses and simulation games make knowledge fun to learn.
At the same time, you will have the chance to interact with peers from other countries, learn about their culture and make new friends.
Living and learning in Greece will offer you the spirit for personal discovery, growth and cross-cultural sensitivity.
During L.F.O.F. you will be able to learn through simulation games and other interesting activities about:
~ The function of International Institutions (United Nations, European Union, NATO, etc.)
~ Human Rights & Gender Issues
~ The Art of Conflict management
~ Civil Society and Its Contemporary Role
~ Microeconomics & Trading
~ Media Techniques
~ Development of Intellectual and Social Skills for Personal Leadership
~ Networking
~ How to exploit the spirit of common values using the foundation of history
~ Perspectives in career orientation, and many more…

Course leader

Dr. Aliki Mitsakos, M.D., Ph.D.

Target group

High School students 15-18 years old. First year College students might be accepted upon special circumstances. All geographical regions are invited for a broader multicultural representation.

Course aim

International Educational Program for young emerging leaders, based on informal education.
It encompasses a series of activities destined to promote personal development, challenge perspectives, and enhance leadership qualities.
Furthermore, the program gives the teenagers the opportunity to establish an International Network.
It equips the youngster with the tools enabling them to become the leaders of tomorrow.
“Leaders For Our Future” can provide unparalleled foundations to take them ahead in today’s global setting and equip them with skills, which can be more than useful in many other contexts in their future.

Credits info


Fee info

EUR 2500: Cost includes everything on site:
- campus facilities for courses and activities
- international Faculty of the highest qualifications
- accommodation in double A/C rooms with private facilities, on campus
- three meals per day,(Cretan / Mediterranean cuisine)
- organized tours of Chania, Heraklion - Knossos & other sites,
- local transportation for outings,
- supervising facilitators & staff 24/7,
- supporting material, including books, bag, T-shirt, hat, etc..

Travel, visa and personal expenses are NOT included.


A number of competitive scholarships for the program cost will be available on the basis of academic, leadership potential and need criteria.