Austria, Salzburg

Radical handbuilding

when 8 August 2016 - 27 August 2016
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 700

In this course, you will use ceramics as a sculptural medium, divorced from the context of craft and design.

In the first week we will explore simple building techniques, looking in particular at the ceramic works of Denise Wren, Gillian Lowndes and Mo Jupp. We will also look at some sensibilities of landscape design as a method of building ceramic sculpture, focusing on the one hand on grotto building and rococo encrustation, but also on occult balance and the works of Capability Brown, one of the most important 18th-century English landscape architects.

In the second week we will allow the ceramic works to dry out prior to firing. During this time, depending on the local facilities, we will try to build as a group a number of small wood-fired kilns based on the ancient Romano-British design.

In the third week you will learn to fire the electric kiln, and to mix your own glazes from raw materials. If possible, we will end the course by tending an all-day firing of our Romano-British kilns.

Course leader

Aaron Angell

Target group

Anyone interested in Fine Arts

Fee info

EUR 700: Regular fee
EUR 540: Reduced fee for students


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