Greece, Kavala

A Scientist's Book of Genesis

when 10 July 2016 - 23 July 2016
language Esperanto
duration 2 weeks
credits 4.5 ECTS
fee EUR 2344

This course provides a narrative of cosmic evolution. The Universe began in a Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago, and during its lifetime the elements necessary to build planets and life were created in stars and distributed across the galaxies. Life on Earth, originating some four billion years ago, has evolved in response to environmental changes on the planet. One branch of evolution led to more intelligent species culminating in Homo sapiens only in the last 200 thousand years. At the same time, major innovations in the history of life have led to transformations of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and climate.

Course leader

Michael R. Rampino, NYU

Target group

Undergrduates as well as high school juniors and seniors

Course aim

The course examines the history of the intimate relationship between the Earth’s changing environments and the evolution of life.

Fee info

EUR 2344: The tuition covers:
1) Attendance of the lectures and issuing of an official transcript by TEI with the grade of the student and the number of credits obtained; the transcript can be used for transferring the credits to the student’s home institution.
2) Stay for 13 days in the five-star Lucy hotel. Rooms are of double occupancy.
3) Two meals a day, breakfast and dinner, served buffet style at Lucy hotel.
4) Free transportation from and to the airport if students arrive on July 10th and depart on July 23rd. For different days of arrival and departure the cost of transportation will be the student’s responsibility. The free transportation also includes the bus rides to and from the college where the lectures will take place, and the transportation for three planned activities (a guided tour of the region, a one-day trip and boat ride to a nearby island, and a festive farewell dinner).
5) Logistical support provided by the chief chaperone, a professor in a major US university.

Please bear in mind that payment to our program is made in dollars. Overtime variations in the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro (or other foreign currencies) are bound to cause slight deviations from the price quoted here in euros.


Not offered.