Germany, Berlin

DesignBuild Summer Studio

when 24 July 2017 - 17 August 2017
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 5 ECTS
fee EUR 1850

The Design-Build Summer-Studio focusses on the realisation of small building projects from the initial design to the process of building by the students themselves. It is based on a specific building task and is carried out in an academic environment, engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration between Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Sociology and other related fields.
The challenge is to integrate “Low-Cost“, and “High Efficiency“ requirements with sustainability considerations, cultural acceptance issues, aesthetics, appropriateness, participation and education. The focus is placed on “Architecture of Social Engagement“with a double goal: to provide social support, and, besides the enormous gains in professional knowledge, to make students more sensitive to the ecological, social and cultural implications of their work.

Through designing and building together in the urban space of Berlin and surrounding areas, the students will get insights into the challenges the people they are designing for are facing. They will take this knowledge back to university to further reflect on the planers’ perspective.
In order to profit from the higher potential of these small-scale projects beyond activism, the focus has to be placed on the quality of the space that is created. Design decisions and execution therefore have to be made precisely and carefully.
The actual project and location will be defined towards the end of 2015. It will build on the summer school KITCHEN-HUB that took place in 2015 (more information: and deal with refugees as actors in the co-production of urban spaces.

Course leader

- Lecturers: Members of CoCoon contextual construction at the architecture department of the TU Berlin.
- Simon Colwill
- Ursula Hartig
- Nina Pawlicki

Target group

This course is suitable for architects, engineers and landscape architects willing to leave the boundaries of their desks, conquer real life scenarios and exercise social responsibility. Skills in building crafts are of advantage, and the willingness to work in a team is a precondition.

Course aim

The overall learning objective of this course is the education of highly aware decision-makers who are conscious about the urgent need to take responsibility in constructing balanced social, cultural and ecological living environments.
This includes the following learning goals:
• Decision-making under time pressure
• Development of high quality design and performance with a small budget and restricted time
• Participatory processes with users and skills in craftsmanship

Credits info

5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) for the academic course. 7 ECTS if booked along with the optional Start German: Language Course. 8 ECTS if booked along with the optional Managing Innovations and Creating Innovative Business Models course or the DesignBuild - Community Spaces with Refugees course.

Fee info

EUR 1850: The fee includes: the Summer School academic program, transportation ticket and some extracurricular activities. Optional German language course not included (560 Euros). Optional Managing Innovations and Creating Innovative Business Models course (920 Euros). Optional DesignBuild – Community Spaces with Refugees course (920 Euros)


To be announced