Netherlands, Maastricht

Media Representations and Multimodality: Semiotic Modes, Text-Image Relations and Multimodal News Frames

when 8 August 2016 - 12 August 2016
duration 1 week
credits 1.5 ECTS
fee EUR 475

The rise of social media, the use of propaganda tactics by various governments and the further sophistication of corporate marketing efforts underline the continued importance of multimodality in the news. The "Media Representations and Multimodality" Summer School helps you to better understand how textual and visual elements interact in the news. The opening lectures teach you how to structure your research and provide insights into social semiotics, semiotic modes and multimodality. Then you learn how to analyse multimodal representations in a step-by-step process, focusing on the texts and images in the news. The lectures contain many eye-opening examples and offer ample room for discussion. You are encouraged to choose a theme and method for your coursework that are both relevant to your research interests. You write a paper in which you use a qualitative method to analyse a news article that contains textual and visual elements, and give two talks. Finally, you may also be interested in our other media analysis course "Media Representations and Research Methods".

Course leader

Leonhardt van Efferink , MA/MSc/Phd Candidate

Target group

Bachelor/Master students who need to analyse multimodal media representations for their course work or dissertation
PhD students who want to operationalise concepts, theories and methods related to multimodal media representations and/or need support with their research methodology
Professionals who need a deeper understanding of why and how media representations reflect and affect society

Course aim

Applying qualitative methods from critical discourse analysis, social semiotics and framing analysis to study the possible meanings of multimodal media representations
Designing an analytical framework to study media representations that have both visual and textual features in line with your research objectives
Understanding why multimodal representations can have multiple conflicting meanings and how to deal with this in your research

Fee info

EUR 475: Course + course materials


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