Denmark, Aarhus

Language and Marketing - course closed

when 4 July 2017 - 21 July 2017
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 10 ECTS
fee EUR 680

Marketing communication and research heavily rely on language. Advertisers use language to convince consumers to buy a certain product. Market researchers ask consumers what they think about a product or what kind of product consumers think they need. Obviously, the success of such marketing efforts depends on linguistic and psycholinguistic processes. Therefore, selected research questions we discuss in this course are:

· How can the linguistic structure of brand names influence brand perception?

· How can linguistic framing manipulate consumer decision making?

· What are the potentials and limits of priming and subliminal advertising?

· How can psycholinguistic methodology (reaction times, eye-tracking) improve our understanding of consumer behavior?

· How do metaphors and narrative structure affect consumer memory and learning?

· How does the violation of conversational maxims affect consumer emotions and behavioral change?

· What is important if advertising targets bilingual consumers?

The objective of this course is that students become more sensitive to the relation between language and consumer behavior. To achieve this, course uses a practical approach and shows how psycholinguistic theory and experimental research evidence are relevant to analyze and criticize authentic examples from marketing. To apply and integrate this knowledge constructively, we work on three extensive cases each week. The cases involve developing a brand name for a pharmaceutical product, building an awareness campaign for a non-profit organization and creating a story for a crowd-sourcing campaign of a start-up company. The cases simulate agency pitches where students work in small teams, present and peer-vote to select the best campaign.

Course leader

Dieter Thoma

Target group

Master's level

Fee info

EUR 680: Any student with a preapproval from a Danish Institution or a nomination from an International Partner: No Fee

EU/EEA students without a preapproval or nomination: 680 EUR

NON-EU/EEA students without a preapproval or nomination: 1700 EUR

Books, course materials, social programme, and housing are not included in the fee.