Denmark, Aarhus

Second Language Acquisition

when 4 July 2016 - 15 July 2016
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 10 ECTS
fee EUR 552

This graduate course provides a survey of current theory and research in second language acquisition. Focus will be given to the major questions that SLA researchers have asked since the beginning of the discipline, and to the tacit and overt assumptions that inform SLA theories and research methodologies. We will examine how different traditions in SLA conceptualize language, learning, and their relation to social and psychological contexts, and how these different understandings translate into research methodology and research practice.

The course will also explore how second language learning unfolds in different arenas of social life and in the (language) classroom, and how L2 learning can be advanced through instructional intervention. As part of their coursework, students will read and discuss representative literature, critically review data-based studies, and develop their own research plans for the investigation of an SLA topic.

Course leader

Gabriele Kasper

Target group

Humanities Students

Course aim

Master's level

Fee info

EUR 552: Danish and EU/EØS (tomplads): 552 EUR
EUR 1550: NON-EU-EØS students (free-mover): 1550 EUR