Germany, Berlin

Digital Self-Marketing for Musicians

when 30 September 2016 - 2 October 2016
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 300

Learn about digital marketing and how one, as an artist, can effectively and successfully create and manage a brand. In this seminar, Dietrich Pflüger and Moritz ‘Mo’ Sauer will teach you the basics of brand theory as well as methods of self-marketing. Apart from theory, the participants develop their own portfolio website and advertise it via social networks and with digital tools.

Part 1: The Musician as a Brand

Why is a clear marketing image more important now than ever? The beginning of this workshop deals with the idea of the artist as a brand. We will explore and discuss the question: Why is it so important to be recognized and remembered in today’s market? Once simple and easy to navigate, the media landscape has transformed in recent years into a complex world of communication channels. The success of mobile devices, social media and a new model of media consumption present a number of significant challenges for artists. The first part of this workshop answers the question of how one can develop a clear image and consistent working process for oneself so that one is noticed amongst the vast oversaturation in the world of digital media and communication?

Part 2: Digital Tools for Self-Marketing

How do I construct a marketing network using digital tools and technology? The good news is that there are many professional tools today available to artists at no cost. The second part of this workshop introduces important digital tools for the construction of your own website as well as for communication, maintaining fan ties and marketing newsletters. Additionally participants will learn how to use online services like WordPress or Mailchimp via practical exercises.

At the end of the seminar will show how one can create an independent self-marketing “ecosystem” for oneself through interconnection of the various tools and services. The instructors will also share some tips and tricks about how to save time using automated features.


The concept of a brand
The artist as a brand
Digital self-marketing
Tools (online services) for communication
WordPress, Twitter, Instagram/Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr


Practical exercises alone and in groups
Presentation of individual work


understand the importance of self-marketing for the success of artists
know how to create relationships with others as an artist
are able to create a concept for an individual self-marketing campaign
are better able to market themselves as before

What you should bring

a project, product or portfolio to be presented on the internet
a computer

Course leader

Dietrich Pflüger and Moritz Sauer, both experts on digital marketing

Fee info

EUR 300: .


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