Germany, Berlin

Service Design Advanced Course: Deepening Service Design Skills

when 1 August 2016 - 4 August 2016
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 550

This course is a service design seminar geared towards those with a basic level of experience as service designers. Throughout the course participants will strengthen their skills in the development of user-centric service solutions, taking behind-the-scenes processes into account. The course specifically addresses the business and backstage areas of service development.

This course is a service design class for professionals with a basic level of experience as service designers. Limited hands-on experiences in workshops or projects of basic service design tools is required.

The goal of this class is to deepen the participants knowledge within the service design field. The course follows a very hands-on approach. Course participants will apply important service design tools in various contexts. The main focus of the course is how service design tools are applied in practise. The course is not an academic lecture!

Throughout the course, the teachers will provide short introductions to each tool as well as examples of how these tools were applied in real client projects. Afterwards, the tools are applied to different project contexts during exercises. By practicing a set of tools on various challenges and problems participants will gain confidence in applying the learnt tools on a professional level of service design. As there are many professionals in the room, we want the participants to learn from each other. Thus, all exercises are carried out in teams which are changing throughout the course so that participants get the opportunity to work with a broad range of other service designers.

In this course, students will deepen their skills in how to design user-centric service solutions taking front- as well as backstage processes into account. The course specifically addresses the business and backstage areas of service development.

We have a strong network of service design practitioners in Berlin. We will try to organise a get together during one evening of the class.

This course has been given during the Summer University 2015. Because of the very positive feedback, it will be offered this year again.

This course will:

Help you to gain creative confidence and strengthen your service design skillset.
Empower you to work, communicate and facilitate better in a team.
Allow you to assess and apply the core concepts of Service Design Thinking to innovation projects in general.
Improve your presenting skills.
Most likely give you the opportunity to interact with experienced Service Designers in Berlin at a dinner event.

Among the various service design tools and methods applied are:

User research techniques
Roles vs. Personas
Jobs to be done
Service Blueprints
Customer value map

Course leader

Manuel GroƟmann and Olga Scupin, both Service Design Experts

Target group

The course targets participants with prior knowledge from these areas:

innovation managers and consultants

Fee info

EUR 550: .


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