Germany, Berlin

Leadership for Innovation. How to manage Creative Teams

when 14 August 2017 - 16 August 2017
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 490

This three-day workshop shows participants strategies and tools for creative leadership and post-hierarchical management. We will explore the structures, processes and mindsets that can be established or changed to built organizational cultures that sustain continuous innovation.

The digital transformation is fueled by innovative products and services. It also gave costumers a stronger voice, continues to break down barriers inside and between organizations and their stakeholders and greatly accelerated the pace of change. To keep up with this development, organizations have to innovate their structures and processes. Additionally, young knowledge workers and creatives want to „work differently“. Members of the so-called Generation Y demand work that is fun and meaningful.

Yet, traditional management approaches are mainly focused on efficiency. Many leadership styles are limited when it comes to directing and enabling creative teams towards innovation.

In this three day workshop, participants are introduced to different strategies and tools for creative leadership. We explore which structures and processes enable teams to collaborate effectively and thrive in complexity. We reflect upon circumstances that enable or block innovation in the digital age. Attendees are enabled to evaluate different management approaches and choose leadership models that fit their organization.

Course leader

Dark Horse Innovation: The coaches are co-founders of Dark Horse Innovation. The Berlin-based agency develops user-centered services and products and helps clients to build and maintain a collaborative, innovation-friendly working culture. To be innovativ

Target group

This workshop is for young and experienced professionals, aspiring or serial entrepreneurs, members of Generation Y or generation X, managers or employees. Leadership experiences in diverse organizations are welcomed but not necessary. Participants should be curious, willing to collaborate with others and passionate about their field of expertise. The workshop does not provide attendees with specific
„recipes“ to directly implement in their organizations. It rather aims at enabling them to evaluate corporate cultures and working towards the changes that fit their teams.

Fee info

EUR 490: .