Italy, Assisi/Rome

Humanities Spring Kids

when 19 June 2016 - 12 August 2016
language English
duration 8 weeks
fee EUR 350

**Ages 7-16**
HS Kids is a week-long program. Students may elect to attend from 1 to 4 week-long sessions each summer.

At HS Kids: Actors, Sculptors, and Cooks students live the English language in week-long full-immersion camps at our home-base in the hills outside Assisi in the Subasio National Park, with views of plum trees, sunflowers, kittens, sheep, our wonderful dog William. HS also has a garden where students do projects and a children's library full of English books on all subjects and levels. We encourage you all to read while you are here. Sometimes we do theater or art projects with books students have read and sometimes older students read to the younger students (in English!) before bed.

Kids from 7 to 16 years old (Kids are divided into age-appropriate activity groups once they are here) learn English by experiencing the language directly. Students cook, put on plays, garden, make sculptures, write compositions (in a diary they make themselves), go on nature walks and cultural trips, draw, swim in the beautiful natural springs near HS, play board games and traditional English outdoors games — all in English HS Kids teachers are specifically trained to help students engage enthusiastically in HS activities and learn English in the process.

HS Kids Rome is a new program this summer, for older kids, 14 and up. Students will study Roman art and archaeology in English and make several trips into Rome to explore the city together. We are staying in a beautiful country inn nearby a lake where we swim (and sketch) every day. Students will also do the HS Kids cooking, acting and art activities while they are at HS Kids Rome. HS Kids Rome will run from July 24th to July 31st and cost 550 euros.

Course leader

HS Kids teachers are all committed to the idea of learning through play and hands-on activities. Our director Jane Oliensis, born in NYC, got her degrees at Harvard and Columbia Universities in Classics and English, and has taught ancient Greek, Latin, I

Target group

Kids from 7 to 16 years old (Kids are divided into age-appropriate activity groups once they are here) who want to have a full-immersion experience of the English setting in the calm and beautiful natural setting of the Subasio National Park in Assisi, Umbria (ITALY). Students also learn about Italian country life and Italian cooking and make trips into Assisi, a beautiful and quiet Italian medieval city, to sketch and act as English tour-guides to the rest of the group. Some groups also make extra trips to see Spello or Bomarzio with their beautiful 18th c or Renaissance gardend.

Course aim

HS Kids helps young students from all over Europe to experience the English language first hand. it is an international experience where English is the lingua franca which helps open doors for all our campers!

Every morning, kids are divided into 3 groups: actors, sculptors, and cooks. The actors memorize their lines, rehearse, and then perform a short (usually very funny) play every morning — in English, of course; they also make their own improvised costumes and props with the help of HS art teachers. HS Kids actors perform outside, before lunch, on the HS lawn.

he HS Kids cooks make traditional Italian cakes and desserts every morning, which then become our dessert of the day (after lunch). HS Kids cooks begin by reading the recipe in English, assembling ingredients, and then getting down to the business of baking, learning and using appropriate English phrases and words as they go (pass me the chocolate, please... open the refrigerator... where are the eggs? etcetera!!!)

Our HS Kid sculptors first go for a walk with our art teacher in the hills and woods around HS and collect natural objects they find beautiful — pine cones, leaves, flowers, bark etc. Next, with glue, string and paint, they create their own individual beautiful sculptures, working with concepts of balance and asymmetry.

Fee info

EUR 350: fee covers everything including airport or train station pick-up and return, tuition, room and board and all materials.
EUR : fee covers everything including airport or train station pick-up and return, tuition, room and board and all materials.

cost of a third week: 250 euros cost of a 4th week: 250 euros


Brothers or sisters get a 25 euro discount for each week they attend HS Kids.
We sometimes award small scholarships to children who might not be able otherwise to participate in the program.