Netherlands, Maastricht

Care and Technology in a European perspective

when 18 July 2016 - 31 July 2016
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 ECTS
fee EUR 800

Technological developments proceed at an impressive speed. The use of internet and mobile communication technology has given rise to numerous applications. The number of ‘apps’ in business, education, maintenance services, logistics and entertainment is increasing on a day to day basis. Also in care provision this development may give rise to renewal of services and an improvement of the delivered quality.

The ways in which care is delivered in European countries differ when observed into details. Yet there are some general trends that can be noted in almost all European countries. Examples are changes in the system of health care provision, the degree of extramuralization of elderly care, the uptake of technology as a supportive means to care provision, changes in the way hospital care is delivered.

The technological developments are valid in each country.
In many countries it can be noted that technological developments are used to support care provision. Examples of practice can be used to give the perspective of future developments. In this summer course we want to address these changes in the care scenery starting form a use and user related perspective. We are developing a framework for improvement of care by presenting examples of existing practice. What challenges can be met by using technology as a part of care? What can we learn from the experiences so far. What kind of opportunities can be seen?
Care subjects will be presented in such a way that you will be able to identify different opportunities. Insight will be given into approaches that are use and user related allowing subsequent development and implementation of the renewal of long-term care through the addition of technology as a care supportive means. Setting the agenda also for you with the ambition to become a professional who is interested in being a part of this endeavor. This course is intended for persons with a background in care (e.g. nursing, therapy, psychology, medicine) or social sciences. As long as you’re interested in applying technology in care or more general, in using service design tools to make service delivery more service driven.

During this summer course a combination of approaches will be used. (Web-)lectures by experts in the field and practical demonstrations by researchers of the Centre of Expertise in Innovative Care and Technology (EIZT) will be combined with group assignments executed by the participants.

There will be guest speakers from Finland (SAMK, TAMK) Portugal (UBI) and Austria (JKI) and from AAATE.
The course includes visits to Sevagram (intramural elderly care) and community care (hospital care).

Course leader

Dr. Charles Willems and colleagues from the Centre of Expertise in Innovative Care and Technology (EIZT)

Target group

The program is intended to support students and professionals having at least a bachelor level and at maximum a master level related to health and care interested in applied research.

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EUR 800: Course plus course materials


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