United Kingdom, Cambridge

Medicine *Ages 16-19*

when 6 August 2017 - 19 August 2017
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee GBP 4200

*Ages 16-19*

Scientifically-focused courses
Cambridge SciSearch specialises in scientific teaching – both in the classroom and in the practical setting. We are proud of the unique laboratory and programming experiences we offer to our students. All participants receive a minimum of 12 hours of hands-on practical experience during the programme. Excellent laboratory and computer suite facilities provide the perfect setting for students to expand on topics covered in lectures and supervisions. 

First- class teaching
All academic teaching is provided by inspiring Oxbridge academics, who demonstrate a true passion for their chosen subject. A maximum 6:1 student-to-tutor ratio in supervisions, ensures a truly personalised form of teaching, which has proven its success at The University of Cambridge - one of the world’s leading academic institutes. This rigorous academic programme allows students to explore thier chosen subject at far greater depth than allowed in school or college.

Academic enrichment
Opportunities for learning extend far beyond the academic sessions on offer. For example students have the chance to visit some of the country’s most renowned scientific sites, listen to influential guest speakers and take part in scientific debates broaching some of the most controversial topics facing modern-day science.

Prestigious location
Cambridge has been widely acknowledged as a hub of scientific innovation over the past few centuries. The Cambridge SciSearch campus is situated in this exciting, yet safe city and as such is the perfect setting for any one of our courses. Students enjoy the opportunity to live on the University campus for 2 weeks, housed in their own private ensuite rooms which are of the highest standard.

Comprehensive social and activities programme
In addition to a focus on academic teaching, our programme includes a vast array of opportunities to enjoy cultural experiences and sporting activities. This has the added bonus of allowing students the chance to make long-lasting friendships with like-minded individuals from all over the world!

And even more...
The all-inclusive nature of the programme means that all possible activities are included. Students take day trips to the cities of both London and Oxford to visit some of the UK's most renowned sites, enjoy traditional banquet dinner at an Oxford College as well as having optional rowing and grass-court tennis taster sessions for the duration of the programme.

Target group

All students must be:
- Between 16-19 years of age for the programme duration
- Fluent (or near-fluent) in English. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the level of English that is required to attend this course.
- Enthusiastic and willing to learn

Course aim

The Cambridge SciSearch Medicine course has a first principles approach to learning academic medicine alongside the unique opportunity to put these key principles into practice in a laboratory environment.

Topics covered on this course will include a selection from those listed below, each representing areas of biology which remain at the cutting edge of modern day science and therefore constitute a core part of the academic curriculum currently taught to science students at the University of Cambridge. Look below to see what questions we ask in each of these subject areas…

Biochemistry of Cells - What are the key functions of human cells? How do they perform such a wide range of functions? How do they interact to form multicellular organisms? The Cellular Biochemsitry topic introduces students to fundamental concepts in cellular and molecular biology, as well as covering a range of recent scientific advances.

Human Physiology - In order for us to determine abnormalities in the human body, we first need to understand normal systems physiology. This first principles approach is the cornerstone of medicine at the University of Cambridge. This course provides students with the tools to tackle any pathology in future.

Neuroscience - The human brain is composed of approximately 100 billion neurons! The neuroscience topic looks at how these neurons work on an individual level, before asking how they work together as part of a larger network in the human brain.

Pharmacology - This course considers the molecular mechanisms of pathological disease with the aim of finding drug targets. How can drugs be used as a treatment and preventative measure in such diseases? How are new drugs and medicines developed?

Pathology - This topic looks at what happens when basic biological mechanisms go wrong. What is the underlying cause of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cystic fibrosis?

Credits info


Fee info

GBP 4200: The All-Inclusive Programme Fee of £4200 GBP (inc. VAT @20%) includes the following:

→12 nights private ensuite student accommodation in a Cambridge University College
→12 days continental breakfast and cafeteria style dinner in a traditional hall setting
→Daily lectures and academic supervisions, provided by leading Cambridge and Oxford academics
→All academic material and university support material required for the duration of the programme
→A minimum of 12 hours hands-on practical lab or computer-based research experience, led by leading Cambridge and Oxford academics
→A comprehensive social programme including daily activities, academic enrichment opportunities, cultural experiences and sports-based activities
→Weekend group excursion to London including transport by coach, all activity costs and entrance fees
→Weekend group excursion to Oxford including transport by coach, all activity costs and entrance fees
→Traditional formal hall dinner at both a Cambridge and Oxford College
→Cambridge SciSearch Welcome Pack and Stationary 

Please note that the Programme Fee excludes:
→Transport costs incurred travelling to and from the summer school
→Lunch – students are encouraged to explore the variety of eateries available in Cambridge
→Spending money for souvenirs and any other personal purchases made during the programme
→Travel insurance for participants
GBP 0: No additional fees.


We fully support students in their search for external funding or sponsorship to aid their attendance on the programme. As such we can provide official letters of support, as well as detailed outlines of the academic course content and merits of the progr