Spain, Barcelona

Social Media Research Big Data

when 3 May 2016 - 3 May 2016
language English

Rapid increases in computational power and the explosion of Internet and mobile phone use have transformed our lives, the way we communicate and our behavior. This digital revolution has also fundamentally changed social sciences. Online data, Social Media data, Cellphone data, and Web experiments offer social scientists the opportunity to address core social questions in new ways.

In this course, we will study how traditional methods used in social sciences can help us make sense of new data sources, and how computational tools can be used to access, analyze and visualize new (and often very large) data sources. The course covers substantive topics relevant to population research as well as a selection of data science tools to extract Internet data, manage large data sets and analyze them.

Target group

Students, researchers, business professionals who need to develop good quality surveys and/or need to apply appropriate and up-to-date statistical methods. At the conclusion of the Summer School, participants will receive a certificate for each course and with the number of hours attended.

Course aim

The main goals of this short course are i) to develop critical thinking about the emergent field of “big data” analysis, ii) to learn some of the methods, approaches and tools of social media and big data analysis, iii) to become familiar with some of the literature at the intersection of population research and computational social science.

Fee info

EUR 0: Several Rates (check website)