Czech Republic, Prague

Illustration & Painting

when 17 July 2017 - 28 July 2017
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 ECTS
fee EUR 600

Are you interested in visual arts? Whether a beginner or slightly advanced, this course will allow you to develop your creative skills from the very first scratch, through simple illustration, all the way to painting a proper painting with acrylic colors. You will also be assigned interesting and entertaining projects that will challenge not only your drawing and painting skills, but most importantly your creativity and imagination.

Course leader

Franco Huller - from Prague College

Target group

◦ young professionals and university students with intermediary level of English

Course aim

Learning Outcomes:
•demonstrate appropriate understanding of the strategies, techniques and understanding
necessary for the production of different kinds of illustration
•demonstrate an appropriate level of skill in the use of techniques, technologies and tools
required for successful visual communication.
•demonstrate appropriate understanding of the needs of a range of different audiences and
•recognise how to work independently, collaboratively and as a member of a team.

•Research is an essential component of the course. Students will investigate a wide
range of visual art practices and draw on history, technology, commerce, media and cultural
studies as they analyse and critique the development of illustration and visual language.
•Black and White Drawing – an introduction to the languages of drawing. Moving from the simple description of an object to problems that use line, shape, value, proportion, texture, balance and composition to build visual structures. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between the perception of nature and the drawing process. Students use black and white media to examine the basics of visual organization.
•Colour – a n introduction to the element of colour. Colour theory is studied through painting. The basics of colour mixing are emphasized as students examine colour interaction, perception and observation. Students explore the expressive potential of colour and the effects of light on colour in addition to the effects of colours on each other.
•Digital Painting – A large part of the course is an introduction to digital painting. Students will acquire, modify and enhance the images created during the workshop, using Photoshop. The work will include designing backgrounds, characters and props, it will also cover colour theory, perspective and use of textures.

The classes will run for 2 weeks, 5 days per week (Monday-Friday) for 5 hours each day, totalling 50 hours.
•Morning, Art Workshop Classroom (09:00 – 11:30) Black and White Drawing, Colour
•Afternoon, Computer Classroom (12:00 – 14:00) Research, Digital Painting

Credits info

You will receive an official Certificate of Attendance upon completion of your course which you may use to show evidence of the skills you have learnt during the course and have the credits accepted by your home university.

Fee info

EUR 600: All courses take place in a new building of French Institute right in the center of Prague.
EUR 182: Accommodation fee for a 14night stay at Botic Student House starts at 13EUR/night.

Everyday afternoon or evening activities organized - sports, weekend trips, city tours, sightseeings, parties etc.

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