Austria, Vienna

International English communication skills for business, travel, and global living

when 16 January 2017 - 27 January 2017
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 ECTS
fee EUR 600

Do you want to become a clearer, more confident and competent global communicator? Join professionals from around the world on this two-week Winter School and experience International English in action. Whether you are a professional using English in your daily working life, or an international student preparing to join the global workplace, this course will help you to: build confidence in speaking; develop clearer pronunciation and flexible listening skills; use effective communication strategies to avoid and resolve communication breakdown; understand how theories related to interculturality, accent and identity, accommodation theory and World Englishes apply to your professional context. You will apply the theoretical elements to your own context through the practical elements of the course, which focus on speaking and listening. In this global world, it is more important than ever to understand how English can bring us together. Come to one of the world's most multicultural capitals to develop the skills you need to connect with people across borders; be understood and understand people everywhere.

Course leader

Katy Simpson has ten years of experience working in language and communication, as an English language teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer in Thailand and Dubai, primarily with the British Council, and previously as a journalist for a daily news

Target group

Professionals using English in their daily working lives (or intend to use English in the near future), Professionals in the communication sector, e.g. HR, marketing, training & development, International students transitioning into their working lives

Course aim

The practical elements of the course will help you to…
1. Become a more flexible listener, equipped with tools to understand a wide range of
2. Express yourself more clearly and confidently in speaking, using a range of communication
3. Build confidence through understanding how speakers develop their ‘English identity’ and
taking pride in your own English voice.
4. Avoid and resolve communication breakdown, with individual feedback on your speaking.
5. Make your pronunciation clearer, while also understanding how your individual
pronunciation forms part of your English identity.
The theoretical elements of the course will help you to…
1. Become aware of how theories surrounding World Englishes, English as a Lingua Franca,
intelligibility, accommodation theory, and interculturality relate to your professional
2. Reflect on institutional attitudes towards language variation in your own context and how
to promote tolerance of accent diversity within your workplace.
3. Understand the factors which contribute towards successful intercultural communication.

Fee info

EUR 600: This is the reduced fee for students.


not available.