Germany, Berlin

Song to Tools

when 30 June 2017 - 3 July 2017
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 400

This workshop will continue researching how musical composition, improvisation and production techniques can be applied as generative composition tools in any creative work. Specifically, this class will elaborate on the idea that song forms and progressions used in "popular/Western" and "classical/European" music, as well as tuning and compositional systems in outer European music can be recontextualised as constructive tools.

This workshop is open for participants from all fields of creative work looking for alternative and original tools to generate content, material, form and structure in their work. Committed and regular attendance is required.

The many things that are used in our work have inherent layers which can all be exposed. Through developing an inquisitive relationship with these things we can apply their form and structure as well as derive techniques for compositional and creative processes.

Musical composition and production techniques will be the foundation for investigating concepts of processual repetition, patterns and loops. We will engage the imaginary and calculated potential of iteration and disintegration. Guided exercises in listening, imagining, formulating, converting and creating will help discover systems to apply to your own work.

This workshop is presented in cooperation with the Studium Generale at the University of the Arts. This means the course will be open to students of the University up to a maximum of 12 people. Thus the workshop-group is a mixture of regular students and international participants.

Course leader

Boris Hauf, multi-instrumentalist, composer, curator, producer and performer

Fee info

EUR 400: -