Netherlands, Groningen

Children's Right to Participation

when 11 June 2017 - 17 June 2017
language English
duration 1 week

According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, all children have the right to participation: the right to participate in decision-making processes that may be relevant in their lives and to influence decisions taken in their regard - within the family, the school or the community (article 12). This fundamental right of children is not without problems. Two examples:
1. The child’s limited and evolving capacity implies that parents and others are expected to give appropriate direction, guidance or advice to children. Paternalism seems unavoidable.
2. The child’s right to participation can be at odds with rights of parents to raise and guide their children in accordance with their own religious and cultural tradition and beliefs.

One of the questions that will be considered is what the right to participation means for the right to education (UN convention articles 28 and 29). Education is a precondition for exercising the right to participation; meanwhile, the right to participation also applies to education, with consequences for subject matter, teaching and classroom management (curriculum, pedagogics, organization etc.).

Lectures, instructions and workshops are led by researchers affiliated to the Mastertrack Ethics of Education of the University of Groningen, in cooperation with experts in the social and behavioral sciences and philosophy and with field-experts.

Course leader

Dr. Piet van der Ploeg

Target group

This summer school is intended for bachelor and master students, PhDs, Postdocs and researchers.

Course aim

During this summer school students learn to analyse and discuss pressing and thorny problems regarding the children’s right to participation. They get acquainted with legal, ethical, logical, historical and empirical aspects and ways of analyzing, judging, and deciding.

Credits info

TBA, see website

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