Austria, Vienna

Academic English with Focus on Academic Writing

when 3 July 2017 - 21 July 2017
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 8 ECTS
fee EUR 800

Success in international higher education is based on the development of a particular academic skill set. Academic English is more formal, more complex and more objective than 'normal' English. This 3-week summer school has been designed for international students, but also for researchers and novice lecturers from any discipline, who want to develop both their Academic English language competence and their academic writing skills. The curriculum of this school has been organized around real-life tasks that academics need to master in order to perform and interact professionally in any international higher education setting. These tasks include academic listening, reading and note-taking, interacting in seminars, giving academic presentations and academic writing.

The main focus of this school is on the production of clear and logical academic writing. Through a well-scaffolded series of writing activities you will develop your academic style and structure, grammar and lexis skills and emphasise higher-level research projects, including abstracts. The course is skills-based and interactive to ensure you remain highly motivated throughout your time with us.

Why academic English and skills?

You want to study at an English speaking university or take courses in English
You want to develop competent writing skills to help you succeed in an English academic or professional context
You want to improve your academic presentation skills so that your research is well received
You want to boost your chances of academic excellence
You want to learn in an interdisciplinary and focused environment

What will you learn in this Summer School?
The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Summer School is designed to prepare you thoroughly for English-language masters and doctoral degrees as well as professional research projects, moving beyond language learning and towards the development of specific academic skills needed in international higher-level education. Together with an interdisciplinary group you will conduct research into how spoken and written academic texts work and how to critically interact with them. You will learn to navigate long and complex texts, while taking systematic notes in the process, and also to critically discuss, summarize and synthesize arguments. By the end of the course you will have planned, outlined, drafted and written your own argumentative essay, assimilating what you have learned. The course methodology is a mix of input, lively discussion, mini-conferences and team collaboration, as well as extensive personal writing practice.

Will there be any specific focus?
Our course will have a particularly strong focus on writing skills. If you are studying in or working at an English-medium university, college, or research institute you will be required to undertake a large amount of writing, whatever your discipline. It is important to realize that university assignments are usually significantly longer, more complex and more formal than any writing you need to do for IELTS or TOEFL. Each subject may have slightly different text genres, but the argumentative essay is a key text type in most disciplines.

Course leader

Astrid Ollinger, MA. Studied Communication science and Applied linguistics with a focus on English as a Lingua Franca and Intercultural Communication. Over 9 years in education and teaching. International work and research experience in the USA, the UK, A

Target group

International students, researchers and novice lecturers from any discipline wanting to build their Academic English and skills

Course aim

Participants will have substantially developed the skills required to adjust to the challenges of international studies or research activity. You will have raised your awareness and understanding of professional academic practices, and have honed your ability to function in such an environment. The mastery of these skills will permit you to focus more fully and successfully on your future degree course or research project, and is thus the ideal preparation for your studies/research activity abroad.

Credits info

Participants will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the summer school and all necessary documentation to validate the course at their home university.

Fee info

EUR 800: This is the reduced student fee. The fee for professionals is EUR 1050.

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