Amsterdam Summer School, Vrije Universiteit

Past courses

Syriac Christianity in Context

The Bible in the Syriac Tradition (one week)

Spatial Crime Analysis

Empirical Legal Studies: An Introduction to Research Methods for Legal Scholars

Laws in Antiquity: Law and Legal Systems from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome and Byzantium (in collaboration with Leiden University)

Discover (the) Dutch: Dutch Language and Culture

New Venture Creation/Entrepreneurship

Human Movement Analysis

Data Analysis in R

Brain and Mind

Challenging the Banks: from Microfinance to Fintech (in collaboration with Maastricht University)

Governing Climate Change: Theory and Practice

Organizational Behavior Management

From Correlation to Causation: An Introduction to Novel Analysis Methods for Observational Data

Becoming A Fly on the Wall: Observational Methods for Violent Everyday Conflicts

Global Health

International Criminal Justice

The Entrepreneurial Family Business

Buddhism and Psychology

Creativity and Innovation (in collaboration with Cardiff University)

Disability Studies and Arts-Based Research: an Exciting Partnership?

Translating the Text of the New Testament: Erasmus Novum Instrumentum Omne after 500 Years

Irrationality and Nudging: Understanding and Influencing People’s Decision-Making

Doing research with discourse analysis: A Discourse Perspective on Making Sense of Social Change (in collaboration with Lancaster University)

Big Data in Society

Decolonizing Europe: History, Ideas and Praxis (in collaboration with the Center for Slavery & Justice at Brown University)

The Economics of Vibrant Cities

Neurodegenerative Diseases: From Clinic to Bench