Unbound Prometheus and TEI Kavala

Past courses

Nonlinear waves: theory, applications and computation

Sharp minds: cutting design manually and digitally

Culture and consumption: why people buy things they don't need

Strangely familiar: Family stories, cultural histories

Scepticism 101: how to think like a scientist

The design of light for architecture

Ancient greek myths and gender constructs: from antiquity to the present

Mobile device application development

Public art and political theory

The McDonaldization of the West

Puzzles & Paradoxes: cognitive conundrums in philosophy

Principles of macroeconomics

Managing conflict and collaboration

Drawing in the 21st centruy

Villeins, victims and forensic evidence: an introduction to forensic anthropology theory and practice

Engineering secure software & information infrastructures: introduction, theory, and applications

From Mendel to the genomic revolution: Genetics in daily life

Truth: from ancient greek thought to modern linguistic semantics

Looking into the brain: principles and applications of neuroimaging

Earth resources

Social history and diasporas: Greece and the Balkans

Big data in a pocket: call it a smartphone

The Rise of the West and the Great Divergence: an economic history of Globalization

Travel in the ancient Mediterranean world