Tallinn, Estonia

How to Develop User Experience (UX) as a Key Component of Branding

when 16 August 2018 - 18 August 2018
language English
duration 1 week
credits 1 EC
fee EUR 490

In this course, we will focus on brand-building in the context of the user experience (UX). If you look at the most popular brands in the digital field – Instagram, Uber, Dropbox etc – they are all built on a user experience design.

Great designers justify every decision in their design process in the interests of the best possible final product. If you need to justify your ideas and methods, you need to know the answers or solutions and that requires challenging yourself and asking the right questions. Our main topic will be understanding the user – what the user sees and how they feel when interacting with your product or service. How to make yourself as visual as possible? How to see these blind spots? These are places where we can lose our customers because we can’t understand why they don’t see how things are working.

We will also talk about how to ask questions. Questions are the main tools for the designers. If we don’t collect any data from our users, we make assumptions about what they like and want. When we make those assumptions, we begin to design for ourselves, not our users. We shouldn’t forget we are not our users.

Course leader

Jaanus Sakkis, a consultant and a lecturer of user experience design & branding in Estonia Academy of Arts, Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and Estonian Business School

Target group

The course is aimed at graphic/web designers with 2+ years experience (page layout, colour, typography, visual communication).

Credits info

1 EC

Fee info

EUR 490: 490 euros