Aachen, Germany

Introduction To The Publication Process In Peer-Reviewed Journals

when 24 August 2020 - 28 August 2020
language English
duration 1 week
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 750

The participants of this course learn how to successfully master different stages of publication processes in high-quality journals.

These stages include the formulation of research questions, their theoretical foundation and the application of suitable methods. For each stage, quality criteria are defined, which are crucial for an article’s acceptance. These elements of publication processes will be trained theoretically and on a practical basis. Students will examine how published articles are designed and will discuss the weaknesses and strengths of several publication strategies. Students will also formulate research questions and examine how they can be elaborated theoretically and methodically. Finally, the students learn how to constructively review papers and how to respond to the reviewers’ comments.

Course leader

Prof. Dr. Peter Letmathe

Target group

The seminar primarily targets PhD students in economics and business administration as well as advanced master students who are interested in an academic career.

Course aim

The teaching objectives are as follows:

-Understand the academic publication process
-Identify relevant target journals
-Design academic research for publication in top journals
-Effectively interpret and respond to reviewer comments
-Succeed in an academic career

Credits info

5 EC
The workload for this course will consist of 30 hours of lecturing and group work and 120 hours additional individual and group preparation. This course equals 5 credit points.

Fee info

EUR 750: Participants have to pay €750 for one weekly course and another €600 for any additional intensive course they would like to visit. Please book the courses separately, we will take additionally booked courses into account when issuing your invoice.