Aachen, Germany

Challenges and solutions in future power networks

when 11 March 2019 - 15 March 2019
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 150

The topics covered during the RESERVE course at the RWTH University will address the main challenges when it comes to building future power networks with a high share of renewable energy sources and will present the solutions developed within the European project RESERVE - Renewables in a stable electric grid. These challenges include issues such as frequency and voltage control, cyber security and ICT aspects as well as the need for a set of new network codes and ancillary services. The 5-days course will be divided into two parts: during the first two days it will focus on the challenges of the future power network that have to be faced by the industry and ICT professionals as well as on the solutions proposed by RESERVE, while in the last three days the related technical insight will be analyzed more in detail, giving especially the doctoral students the possibility to deepen their knowledge by participating to workshops for all the linked topics.

in summary:
- Day 1: Electrical network key concepts
- Day 2: ICT; cybersecurity;Network Codes
- Day 3: workshops Cybersecurity and frequency Control
- Day 4: Workshops on Voltage control and Lab Exercises
- Day 5: ICT Theory and exercises; Final Exam.

The full program is available on the project web page: www.re-serve.eu.

Course leader

Prof. Antonello Monti, Director ACS / Chair Automation of Complex Power Systems, RWTH Aachen University and RESERVE technical manager;
Dr. Marina Maicu, RESERVE course coordinator

Target group

PhD candidates in the field of power engineering, automation, control for energy system, ICT for energy systems.

Course aim

Making grids “smart” requires effort which impinges on different areas of knowledge, from power system, power electronics, measurement, control and automation technologies through ICT and cyber security to marketing, social science and business aspects.
The skill profiles of the positions to be filled in energy companies are changing, with power providers that are now for example focusing on recruiting graduates with ICT skills rather than graduates that understand power production.
We are aware of this need for professionals with new skills to manage RES-based energy networks and we want to contribute in making you an expert on this field. For this reason we are delighted to invite you to participate to the interdisciplinary course “Challenges and solutions in Future Power Network”, organised by the European project RESERVE -Renewables in a Stable Electric Grid- at the RWTH Aachen University, (Germany).

Why should you join?

By taking the course you will widen your knowledge getting an insight from academic and industry sector expert on the most innovative energy and ICT solutions developed for a power network with up to 100% RES integration. Furthermore, during the networking dinner on the first day you will have the possibility to present a poster and pitch your more significant research results, discuss your interests face to face with industry representatives, and build in this way your professional network, opening you up new career perspectives. Last but not least, a certificate of attendance will be released by the RWTH Aachen University by passing an exam at the end of the course.

Credits info

A certificate of attendance will be released by passing and exam at the end of the course

Fee info

EUR 150: The fee includes the participation to the whole 5-days course including course material, lunch and coffee breaks, and the participation to the get.-together with the industry representatives on the first day