Saint-Petersburg, Russia

History of Russian Revolutions

online course
when 5 July 2021 - 18 July 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 420

In this course students will become familiar with the one of the most important periods of Russian and world history. The 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution of 1917 showed how relevant this topic is and that it still has an impact on modern states. The best experts will help to understand a complicated phenomenon of the revolutionary process, they will acquaint with the most important events of this period and deconstruct the myths about 1917 that are most often encountered. The course will help to better understand modern Russia.

Course leader

Nika Domanova - course coordinator;

Highly qualified professors renowned by the government:
Vladimir V. Kalashnikov, PhD (doctor) in Historical Sciences
Renat A. Yalyshev, PhD (candidate) in Historical Sciences
Konstantin A. Taraso

Target group

You need to be proficient in English at a level not lower than Intermediate.

This course is best for people who want to see Russia from the inside, to experience how modern Russia was shaped.
Most common group: students, interns.

Course aim

Although the course covers just the period of Revolution, it still gives its participants skills and knowledge to upgrade professional historical terminology and/or basic critical thinking.

1. This seasonal school gives students the opportunity to talk with specialists in the history of the Revolution of 1917.
2. In St. Petersburg there are a number of objects related to the history of the 1917 Revolution. Students will visit the most important of them.
3. The course of the seasonal school allows to develop the skills of critical thinking, discussioning, to acquire skills in Russian language and professional historical terminology
4. As part of the seasonal school, students will receive recommendations for further study of the subject.
5. Seasonal school teachers have a great lecture experience and speak English at a high level. Material equipment in "LETI" allows interactive education

Credits info

4 EC
72 academic hours, 2 weeks

Fee info

EUR 420: Original Russian price for comparison: 30 000 RUR

includes training, excursion program, study materials, migration support.