Utrecht, Netherlands

Train-the-trainer: Training in the International Classroom for CLIL/EMI

when 5 July 2021 - 16 July 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 1600

This train-the-trainer (TTT) summer school is aimed at teachers and lecturers teaching in English from all areas of education who want to become trainers in an international classroom. By the 'international classroom', we mean training in a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) or EMI (English Medium Instruction) context. This practical course is for teachers or lecturers who want to become (more) skilled in training others in an international classroom and will focus on facilitating development in others.

The course will only be available face to face. Should circumstances not permit a face to face course, a shortened, one-week online course will be offered from 5 July at half the course price.

This course will equip you as a trainer to take on the challenges of training others in an international context with either a monolingual or a diverse student population. It provides hands-on practice and tailored strategies that can be directly implemented in your own training context. You work at designing (part of) a course for a target group: the intake, designing, delivering and evaluating a course.

During the course, we will explore these content areas:

trainer identity;
an effective intake and needs analysis;
starting a group;
designing and delivering engaging, learner-centred workshops and courses;
intercultural competencies;
stimulating effective academic language use;
grading and assessment: creating course assignments for teachers or lecturers;
evaluation, reflection and feedback activities;

During the summer school, you will be continuously assessed and have individual coaching on how you are developing as a trainer and materials designer. You will be required to produce practical work, including reflections, with other participants on the course. The course leaders will coach you, give feedback and discuss how training activities go, based on course rubrics.

Target group

If you possess at least some of these characteristics, you have potential to be a great CLIL trainer. You:

- are ambitious, would like to make a career step: you have always (secretly) wanted to be a freelancer or trainer
- have an open relationship with your colleagues: they share stuff (about CLIL) with you
- work well with others in a pair, group or team
- are often told you are a “leader”
- are a good planner and organiser, can make time for things that are important
- are willing to try things out, trip up, be open and learn from mistakes and feedback
- know quite a lot about CLIL already and are curious to know more
- know how to -integrate CLIL elements into a lesson you observe
- are creative, make and try out (CLIL) materials
- are independent, can think for yourself
- are open to learning about yourself and to personal development.

Course aim

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

- gather information using an online survey and an intake in person
- use information gathered about a school or team to create a tailor-made course or workshop for a group of CLIL teachers
- formulate clear objectives and aims for a CLIL course and individual workshops
- design and deliver a CLIL course and individual workshops, including accompanying materials
- create a (beginning) repertoire of CLIL activities and examples for different subject areas
- respond to questions about CLIL confidently and securely during workshops or training sessions with teachers
- evaluate a CLIL course and an individual workshop
- demonstrate an array of CLIL training skills, strategies and activities which illustrate your background knowledge of key
- components of CLIL theory
- articulate your own beliefs, attitudes and feelings about being a CLIL trainer and reflect on what kind of trainer you are and want to be or become
- stimulate and guide the reflective skills of a group of teachers

Fee info

EUR 1600: Course + course materials
EUR 350: Housing fee (optional)

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