Vienna, Austria

International Management

when 27 July 2020 - 4 August 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC

This course is part of the August Undergraduate Program of the International Summer University 2020 at WU (ISU WU).

Course leader

Michal Lemanski

Target group


Course aim

This intensive undergraduate course provides an in-depth understanding of several contemporary challenges managers face in multinational corporations (MNCs). Students learn about the nature of international management and specific themes related to globalisation, the impact of technology and digitalisation on international business, coordination and control of foreign operations, headquarters-subsidiary relations, innovation and intrapreneurship, responsible leadership, as well as talent, diversity, and cross-cultural management. Students are trained to understand both respective managerial perspectives and conceptual, theoretical approaches. Utilizing a teaching method that systematically combines lectures, class discussions, group workshops, and simulations, students learn about key concepts of international management and their applications to specific managerial settings within a multinational enterprise. A considerable proportion of activities are of experiential nature and therefore put studentsinto the manager’s seat, letting them experience international management. Overall, the course is managerial, incorporates multiple perspectives, and is contemporary. It is managerial in that it looks at topics of international management through the lens of managers of multinational enterprises (MNEs). It incorporates multiple perspectives as it considers a variety of different management topics. The course is contemporary in that it incorporates and touches upon up-to-date challenges and managerial responses.

Credits info

4 EC
This course is part of the August Undergraduate Program of the International Summer University 2020 at WU (ISU WU).
ISU WU undergraduate students take two business courses worth 8 ECTS credits in total.

Fee info

EUR 0: For information regarding participation fee and payment please visit:


WU offers selected scholarships to students participating at the ISUWU. These scholarships highlight WU’s focus on CEE and emerging markets regions. Students can apply for a scholarship during the online application, if they meet the respective criteria.