Vienna, Austria

Introduction to Applied Social Network Analysis

when 17 February 2013 - 22 February 2013
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC

This course is an introduction to the theory and methodology of social network analysis (SNA). Particular attention will be paid to the theoretical foundations of SNA and to methodological insights of interest to political scientists. Each session will consist of a lecture to be followed by a seminar and a lab. In the seminars we will be discussing papers with methodological interest framed around pertinent questions. In the lab sessions we will familiarise with some key software (UCINET, NETDRAW, PAJEK & ORA) but a word of caution should be offered, in that this is not a course on learning how to employ any specific software platform. Those unfamiliar with SNA will get an overview of the methods and the theoretical foundations of the relational approach. Those with some familiarity should get the opportunity to structure their knowledge. The instructor will also offer a couple of hours of surgeries for those seeking tailored advice on specific methodological questions.

Course leader

Dimitrios Christopoulos

Target group

Advanced students and junior researchers in political science and adjacent disciplines

Course aim

as above

Credits info

2 EC
Participants have the opportunity to gain 2 ECTS credits from the University of Vienna for attending an Introductory or Advanced Courses (15 hours). Participants must successfully complete their course, and successfully complete their project assignment in order to obtain 2 ECTS credits – Transcripts will be sent to the participants by The University of Vienna.

For all courses being attended (Introductory, Advanced and/or Software Training Courses), participants also receive a certificate of attendance.

Certificates of accreditation (if applicable) as well as certificates of attendance are sent to the participants after the Winter School has ended, by the University of Vienna

Fee info

EUR 0: ECPR Member – €495
Non-ECPR Member – €690
ECPR Member who has attended the ECPR SSMT 2012* – €445
Non-ECPR Member who has attended the ECPR SSMT 2012* – €640
*There is a €50 loyalty discount deducted from all Introductory and Advanced Courses to participants who attended the 2012
Summer School in Methods and Techniques (SSMT) in Ljubljana (this discount does not apply to Software Training Courses).


Self funded students from ECPR member institutions will be able to apply for funding in the form of scholarship funds and travel and accommodation grants. Please use the following link for further information: