Liverpool, United Kingdom

Architecture and Social History in Liverpool

when 6 July 2020 - 24 July 2020
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 5 EC

This module will use the architecture of Liverpool to explore the unique social history of the city. We take a chronological approach to the city’s history, explored through different types of buildings exemplifying each era. These will be studied in association with the functions they fulfilled and the activities they housed.

As well as looking at buildings from a functional perspective, we will consider their representational role, exploring how they functioned as signs and how they might be read. Students will learn to engage with different types of evidence, including primary textual sources, secondary sources and surviving buildings.

Course leader

Nicholas Fuqua

Course aim

This module aims to:

 Develop confidence in understanding and communicating complex ideas in written and spoken language.
 Develop skills in research, collaborative learning and preparation of a group presentation.
 To introduce students to the social history of Liverpool from an architectural perspective.

Credits info

5 EC
Modules are equivalent to 2.5 ECTS.

Fee info

GBP 0: Module must be taken as part of a Week 4-6 or Week 1-6 International Summer School programme, so no individual module prices are available.