Salzburg, Austria

Albatross on the Fortress

when 10 August 2020 - 29 August 2020
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 980

This course is part of the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts's 2020 programme.

Course leader

Noële Ody and Toni Schmale

Target group

open to anyone interested in fine arts

Course aim

This course deals with sculpture and its attendant conditions. First of all, sculpture does not mean more than simply shaping any material within a given space. The way to do it is a kind of filtering process in which things condense. At an exhibition talk, this was once compared to lumps in porridge. We could think of these three weeks as a kind of porridge.

The focus will be on exploration and experiment with a variety of materials, on exchanging ideas on techniques, possibilities and experience, mainly in practical form. Objects seek a presumed function; they act as though they were able to do something specific. Casting. Stamping. inking with your hands and talking to the material... Trying. What material/medium is good for what idea, and why? What is the material capable of? Where are its limits? How can we combine inconsistent materials? What does form have to do with content, and vice versa? What does the exterior of a sculpture look like – and the interior? Can a text, a concept or a drawing be a sculpture? At the end, we swim in the porridge and observe the lumps. Sometimes sculptures can be like an albatross around your neck. Or sometimes like the lumps in porridge – we shall see.

Fee info

EUR 980: regular fee
EUR 740: reduced fee for students


Grant applications can be sent before 1 April.